My Trip to Slimbridge by Sophie

March 26th, 2014

One Thursday the 20th March we went to Slimbridge because year three have been learning about rivers and water.  At Slimbridge we saw swans, zebra ducks and flamingos. The flamingos were pink and some were white and pink. One swan was really stroppy and swam into the water and bit another swan’s bottom.

When we lined up we were put into groups of six then we went on a coach and there was no traffic so it didn’t take long to get there on the way we played eye spy together.

First, we put our pack lunches in a small lockers and got bird seed from the gift shop.  Next we went and fed the ducks and swans grace feed a duck by her hand and everybody also feed a duck by their hand. After that, we watched a man feed the otters and the otters were called Minnie, Haha and flow. Then it was lunch time.

After lunch we  did pond dipping and me and grace caught a fast runner and a small pond worm after pond dipping we went to wellie boot land. In wellie boot land we got very wet and had a year three picture on a climbing frame. when we got to school it was home time and we chanced are shoes and then we walked out side and went home and that was the end of our trip.