My Trip to Slimbridge by Sophie

March 26th, 2014

One Thursday the 20th March we went to Slimbridge because year three have been learning about rivers and water.  At Slimbridge we saw swans, zebra ducks and flamingos. The flamingos were pink and some were white and pink. One swan was really stroppy and swam into the water and bit another swan’s bottom.

When we lined up we were put into groups of six then we went on a coach and there was no traffic so it didn’t take long to get there on the way we played eye spy together.

First, we put our pack lunches in a small lockers and got bird seed from the gift shop.  Next we went and fed the ducks and swans grace feed a duck by her hand and everybody also feed a duck by their hand. After that, we watched a man feed the otters and the otters were called Minnie, Haha and flow. Then it was lunch time.

After lunch we  did pond dipping and me and grace caught a fast runner and a small pond worm after pond dipping we went to wellie boot land. In wellie boot land we got very wet and had a year three picture on a climbing frame. when we got to school it was home time and we chanced are shoes and then we walked out side and went home and that was the end of our trip.

Trip to slimbridge by Ammaar

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday we went to a journey to Slimbridge and we had lots of fun.

First, we got on the coach and set of to Slimbridge
and it took very long to get there.When we arrived to slimbridge Miss Roberts took are pack lunches and put them in the cupboard.

Next,we went outside and fed the ducks.I was with Alex and Archie.

After that,when we finished feeding the ducks we had a lunch and my table were talking about creatures.

Finally, we went to see the otters and the otters name were Minnie,Flo and HaHa. The man who look after the otters told us some facts about the otters. They are good predictors,fast swimmers and can stay under water for five or six minutes.

When it was nearly end of the day we were pond dipping and  me and Alex found loads of worms.

Last but not least, we went to wellie boot land and I enjoyed  being  there!


Trip to slimbridge by Krish

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday,we went to Slimbridge and it was fun. We had to wear our wellies.

First,we got on the coach and set of to Slimbridge.It took one hour to get there. When we go there we put are lunch boxes away and got some bird seed and fed the birds.

Next,we went to the flamingo’s and I got a feather but I gave it to Lewis.Then we saw the otters and learned lots of new facts and we saw otters eating. Otters can live up to twelve years and they are good preditors. They can swim really fast in the water.people are hunting otters down in other countries.The otters names were Minnie,Flow and Haha .Otters can hold there breath for five or six minutes.

After that,we went pond dipping and some people told us about the creatures in the pond.We even got to try and catch something out of the pond but we had to work in partners and I worked with Lucas.

Finally,we got to go to wellie boot land and we got really wet and it was great.At the end we got to get a nice photo and then we all went back to school.

Trip to slimbridge by Sam

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday,we want to Slimbrige for the day.

First, we got on the coach it didn’t take long because the traffic was good.

Next,we went to places in groups we saw swans, frogs and flamingoes. A flamingos feathers are not really pink it is because they eat pink fish. Really  they are white.

After that, we ran to the otter talk. A man was throwing in fish heads.The otters names were Minnie,Lilly and Haha.

Finally, we went to wellie boot land.It was fun! Lewis
Got  soked.

Our day at Slimbridge

March 21st, 2014

Yesterday, we had a trip to Slimbridge. The coach journey was not too long because it was mostly on the motorway.We were very excited and looking forward to our visit.

On arrival,we put are lunches in brightly colored cupboards ready for lunch.Next, we were given some bird seed and we were feeding pigeons, swans and ducks.

After that we visited the otters and a man fed them I got lots of good photos it was great.

Then we had lunch before we went to the pond dipping which was intresting. We never knew there was so many different creatures in the water.

Finally, we went to the wellyboot land it was fun! we some of us got wetter then we expected.

Last but not lest we got on the coach and went back to school it was amazing and just in time for home time.

By Harry