Carmen’s diary . By Silvie

May 14th, 2014

Carmen’s first diary entry : What should I call Karate chop ?

Diary entry number 1

Monday morning.

My chip is delicious . I like karate. Karate chop are you sure ? I love chips . I love karate .”KARATE CHIP not KARATE CHOP !”seriously ? They don’t know a thing . ASKING ME ABOUT MY BRAIN ? Agoogleplexzillion (the highest number in the universe ) % clever andbraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyy so it’s perfectly fine as spotless as a crystal (as spotless as a crystal if you check for uncleverness) .! HMMMMMMMMMMM I’m no Japanese/Chinese fighting coach although I still am a proper expert because I can say this : ” Hu…Hu…Hu…..YAA….. YAA!” It takes alot of time to learn these words HU…HU…HU…YA…YA.Hey did you know that my 24 year old sister’s IQ is less than one squashed blueberry ! She still lives with me .I think she might have caught an illness or a DISEASE this ‘Disease’ is not catchy for me disease almost sounds like a catchy song though . One thing for DEFINITE is that …….. I will never (never say never ) catch the ‘MAKE YOU UNCLEVER ‘disease ‘!

Monday afternoon .
“UMmm Yum “sorry just ordering my pork chops for dinner in bed that’s what happens when you’re rich !

What’s better Turtles or Frogs? by Silvie part 1

March 26th, 2014

In our school, we have been discussing whether or not turtles are better than frogs. We all think differently. What do you think?

315 people in our school think turtles are better because they’re cute and friendly. Another reason is that they don’t hop on you they just stay in they’re shell. Many people believe that this is true but not everyone does.

Delectable meatballs by Silvie

March 13th, 2014

Do you have a rumbling tummy and need some fantastic food ? If you have a rumbling tummy eat the marvellous
meatballs , tomato sauce and pasta that 3ar and the square food foundation made . Please , please, please read on.

The first reason , why you should buy and eat these Marevellous Meatballs is that they are only on sale for 20 hours and 1 minuite and 28 seconds so buy quickly before they’re cold and someone else has stuffed them in there tummy ,which is rumbling like thunder, so jusssssst buy it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! Another reason is that this meal is made with 100% fresh ingredients . Surprisingly , this scrumptious serving meal is only £4.20p and is cooked in Knowle Park Primary School whitch is in Bristol .The fourth reason is that we make this meal with one Proffesianal cook and two cooking teachers called Gretchen , Barny and Glyn . Finally , you could try making this at home even if your vegetarian or any other special eater . All you need to do is know what the square food foundation is If you don’t know then visit SquareFoodFoundation you can even get top tips on their website. Sorry I can’t talk to you right now because you’ve got to get buying just to let you know they’re delicious and delectable. Bye Bye

Sophie’s new adventure by Silvie.

March 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sophie who had friend called
Toadshade ! Toadshade was a sprite ! Sophie ran to a big tree where Toadshade always appeared. Toadshade wanted to know what Sophie had planed for them to do
. Sophie told Toadshade how much she loved playing tricks but she always felt sorry . Toadshade felt the same way as Sophie . Sophie had a plan . ” Maybe we should play some tricks on lots of people and set up a doctors and you could dance ” said Sophie as she thought about the reasons why they shouldn’t do it . Toadshade thought aswell and said ” Maybe we should only play tricks on your aunt and your next door neighbour . ” So Toadshade flew back home and got Toga Yoga , Arty Hearty and Cherry Berry whilst Sophie threw
water bombs over the fence and pies aswell as that Sophie put lots of Hedgehogs on her Aunties bed. Soon Toadshade and her friends and Sophie were making a doctors and checking people . After a couple of days Toadshade and her friends waved goodbye and disappeared into a huge tree . When Sophie walked in her aunt was booking a doctors appointment . Sophie grabbed a slice of pizza , hurried to bed and made a plan of what she , Toadshade and Toadshade ‘ s friends were going to do next . The end.