Out of order part1 by Silvie

March 12th, 2014

Once upon a time , there was a little girl called Penelope who was on a camping trip in Devon. Although , she was camping she was actually in a caravan ! One rainy morning, Penellope  smelt sizzling sausages on the camp burner and she licked her light pink lips with her dark red tounge . She slowly strolled to the comfy sofa and carefully picked up a blue china bowl with a coconut tree on it for her sausages ! She thought and thought what she was going to do and decided to go swimming and then explore the arcade . Penellope decided to wear her Daisy dog swimming costume ,Daisy dog goggles and her Daisy dog armbands. All the time she went swimming she used her Daisy dog towel . So that’s what she did.