Dear tooth fairy by Lacey and Lenna

March 26th, 2014

Thank you for writing to us. We all have different teeth because they do different jobs.

Our molars are at the back of our mouth. Incisors rip and tear the meat and some people have different teeth. Some animals have no teeth. Adults have 12 more teeth then children. See you soon.

Should goldilocks be jailed .

February 6th, 2014

Sine the brake in last week we have been discussing weather or not goldilocks should be put in prison .

Many people believe that Goldilocks should be jailed for braking there property’s and eating there food. Firstly, you should never brake into someone else’s house without permission .Futhermore, she stole baby bears porridge and broke little bears little stripy chair.

On the other hand , some people believe that she broke In to the house because She was very hungry and on the edge of starvation! Additionally, she was very tired from running away from the big bad wolf who was trying to eat her .

On this occasion I believe that Although goldilocks entered the bees home without permission and broke some items she didn’t mean to cause any harm. Goldilocks was in a bad situation and that was the only reason she acted as she did. Goldilocks should be free to live her young life but MUST apologize to the three bears and pay for any damages.