Trip to slimbridge by Krish

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday,we went to Slimbridge and it was fun. We had to wear our wellies.

First,we got on the coach and set of to Slimbridge.It took one hour to get there. When we go there we put are lunch boxes away and got some bird seed and fed the birds.

Next,we went to the flamingo’s and I got a feather but I gave it to Lewis.Then we saw the otters and learned lots of new facts and we saw otters eating. Otters can live up to twelve years and they are good preditors. They can swim really fast in the water.people are hunting otters down in other countries.The otters names were Minnie,Flow and Haha .Otters can hold there breath for five or six minutes.

After that,we went pond dipping and some people told us about the creatures in the pond.We even got to try and catch something out of the pond but we had to work in partners and I worked with Lucas.

Finally,we got to go to wellie boot land and we got really wet and it was great.At the end we got to get a nice photo and then we all went back to school.

Sophie’s next adventure by Krish

March 7th, 2014

One week later Sophie was in the garden eating strawberries. Suddenly she heard a big hussle and russle behind a gigantic bush. Sophie crept over a bit and she heard a fluttering sound behind the bush. She went a bit closer. amazingly she saw a tiny little fairy sitting on the petal of a colourful flower. She had pink little shoes and a cute happy smile.

First Sophie gently picked her up and carefully went back in the house. When they got into Sophie’s room she showed her magical mirror. Little fairy was amazed to see herself in it. Sophie showed her lots of different things from her beautiful wardrobe. Little cure fairy  gave Sophie a golden magical wand. Sophie was so happy to receive it. Little fairy said she can do three magical things with that wand for any good cause. After that they went outside in the garden and the little fairy vanished into a gigantic bush again.

the end.