Keiran Ratcliffe

February 6th, 2014

Should Dragons be pets?

In our class we have been discussing whether or not Dragons should be pets because it might be the perfect pet for you.

Most people believe that Dragons shouldn’t be pets because of their long flames.Firstly, they could burn everything and if the things you love are in there it will be gone forever.Furthermore, they could fly out of the window but if you want one you will have to close your windows. Additionally, they could grow and grow and grow then they won’t even fit in the house because everything grows.

On the other hand, some people believe a Dragon should be a pet.In addition, many pupils believe a Dragon is easily trained because of its brains and cleverness.
Lick wise, when he gets bigger you can ride him and sour through the sky because I will say it again everything grows.More over, when you hug the Dragon it will be nice and worm because of its hot fire and then you will stay cosy forever

Having considered all of the argument I have come to my conclusion.While I can understand that souring through the sky and keeping warm is morally write and easily trained Dragons.Dragons are cute but they should punished.I fined my self agreed that Dragons could burn everything.furthermore,they can keep on growing.
Therefore, in this case I believe Dragons shouldn’t be pets because of there fire.