The Best Delectable Meatballs by Charley-may

March 14th, 2014

Are you tired of eating the same food everyday? Do you think the food that you are eating is getting old? If so, eat these marvelous delectable meatballs. Here are some amazing stuff we learned about them…

First of all, you learn a lot of incredible cooking skills. There are two things. One is ” The Bridge” and the other is “The claw”. We had so much fun learning how to chop with the knife but it was a bit scary. Some of us burned our self’s but we kept on trying.

Additionally, we made some sauce which tasted delicious. It made us really, really hungry when it sizzled on the pan. It was really fun mixing it too.

Furthermore, we had to mix some ingredients. So fun! It smelt amazing. We had to mix all the ingredients together which was great. It was also quite easy.

As an added bonus, you get to sprinkle some cheese and anything you want on it. You can eat anything else with the meatballs. I tasted so good for us.

This is my highlight of the day. It is very easy and delicious.