Carmen’s diary . By Silvie

May 14th, 2014

Carmen’s first diary entry : What should I call Karate chop ?

Diary entry number 1

Monday morning.

My chip is delicious . I like karate. Karate chop are you sure ? I love chips . I love karate .”KARATE CHIP not KARATE CHOP !”seriously ? They don’t know a thing . ASKING ME ABOUT MY BRAIN ? Agoogleplexzillion (the highest number in the universe ) % clever andbraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyy so it’s perfectly fine as spotless as a crystal (as spotless as a crystal if you check for uncleverness) .! HMMMMMMMMMMM I’m no Japanese/Chinese fighting coach although I still am a proper expert because I can say this : ” Hu…Hu…Hu…..YAA….. YAA!” It takes alot of time to learn these words HU…HU…HU…YA…YA.Hey did you know that my 24 year old sister’s IQ is less than one squashed blueberry ! She still lives with me .I think she might have caught an illness or a DISEASE this ‘Disease’ is not catchy for me disease almost sounds like a catchy song though . One thing for DEFINITE is that …….. I will never (never say never ) catch the ‘MAKE YOU UNCLEVER ‘disease ‘!

Monday afternoon .
“UMmm Yum “sorry just ordering my pork chops for dinner in bed that’s what happens when you’re rich !

One Response to “Carmen’s diary . By Silvie”

  1. Hannah on May 16, 2014 8:54 pm

    I loved your story and it was very funny. When is the next part going to come out? Is AGOOGLEPLEXZILLION the attual real biggest number in the world?!


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