Square Food Foundation Visit Knowle Park.

March 13th, 2014

Today was the most brilliant morning. We cooked perfect meatballs with the Square Food Foundation. They are based at the park and are working with us to cook and understand all about food. Today, Barney, Gretchen and Glynn cooked meatballs with us.

First, we learnt how to cut safely using two techniques: the claw and the tunnel. After that, we chopped an onion and garlic, prepared the bread and mixed altogether. Next, we added cumin, seasoning and an egg to bind it altogether. We added meat and got to roll our own meatballs.

We then cooked the meatballs in a pan until they were brown and crispy. It was fun using the cooker ourselves.

To finish of the session we got to eat our meatballs served with a tomato sauce.

Gabriel says “It was helpful being shown how to cook and use everything in your kitchen.”
Samuel says, “I didn’t like today I LOVED it!”
Harry says, “10/10. Delicious.”

We all had an excellent day and can’t wait to cook again in class and with the Square Food Foundation on the 26th of March.

CHALLENGE: can you make it at home and post a picture?

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