Bella’s adventure by lacey

March 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a small girl called Bella who lived in a sparkly magic house on top of a big hill with her mean bad tempered mum. Everyday she escaped into a magical garden and played on her own.

Late one afternoon, Bella was at the bottom of the magical garden. Suddenly, her eye caught a little creature hiding behind a blade of long grass. It was a mischevious, little fairy called Keri who had clothes with lots of petals on. She had pink, sparkly wings and a big smile.
First, she picked Keri up and put Keri in her hand. Next,they crept into the kitchen and swapped the juice for the milk. After that, they put pins on her mum’s chair! Finally, they ran back in the magical garden and started to laugh. Keri waved goodbye and dissapeared into an enormous tree.

Bella walked into the kitchen just as her mum was spitting out her drink, “Ah!that’s milk not juice, how did that happen?”
“It was probably the fairy.” Bella replied . Her mum screamed, ” Don’t be so silly! Everyone knows there are no such things as fairy’s. Now go to your room!”
That night Bella lay in bed and smiled to herself. She knew she had found a friend at last.
Twinkle, tingle, shoo my story is through!

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