Should Children Be Allowed To Play Online Games? Roheen

February 9th, 2014

This week we have been discussing weather or not children should be allowed to play online game.

The vast majority of people believe, children should play online games.Firstly, online games are very fun to play.Fun is our life so why cant we have some fun and enjoy our self. Furthermore, we can chat on online games and chatting is very fun.Chatting can be the funnest thing to do with our friends! Additionally, we can make our own funny, silly, cool and mysterious names! Making names are  also fun but sometimes can be a bit rude and silly 😮 “Oh” said a gamer !

Contrary to this, the minority believe we shouldn’t play online games. Firstly, while your playing someone might hack you. Hackers can be or are very dangerous . Also, chatting can be dangerous as well. Like if a gamer or unknown person asked you where do u live? or where is your school? will u answer that if u do the gamer/unknown person might come into your house and kidnap you! Moreover,  if you play too much your eyes might hurt and    u might forget to do your homework! Homework is important it depends on your school like my school if we don’t bring it in we got to go in the behavior room!

Having considered both of the arguments, I have come to my conclusion.

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  1. 3ar on February 10, 2014 11:06 am

    Hi,you have given a good debate with reasons for and against the argument.We like the way you have covered the safety aspect of online gaming but would’ve liked to have known what conclusion you reached.What is your favourite online game to play?

    Mrs McGregor and Miss West

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