Carmen’s diary . By Silvie

May 14th, 2014

Carmen’s first diary entry : What should I call Karate chop ?

Diary entry number 1

Monday morning.

My chip is delicious . I like karate. Karate chop are you sure ? I love chips . I love karate .”KARATE CHIP not KARATE CHOP !”seriously ? They don’t know a thing . ASKING ME ABOUT MY BRAIN ? Agoogleplexzillion (the highest number in the universe ) % clever andbraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyy so it’s perfectly fine as spotless as a crystal (as spotless as a crystal if you check for uncleverness) .! HMMMMMMMMMMM I’m no Japanese/Chinese fighting coach although I still am a proper expert because I can say this : ” Hu…Hu…Hu…..YAA….. YAA!” It takes alot of time to learn these words HU…HU…HU…YA…YA.Hey did you know that my 24 year old sister’s IQ is less than one squashed blueberry ! She still lives with me .I think she might have caught an illness or a DISEASE this ‘Disease’ is not catchy for me disease almost sounds like a catchy song though . One thing for DEFINITE is that …….. I will never (never say never ) catch the ‘MAKE YOU UNCLEVER ‘disease ‘!

Monday afternoon .
“UMmm Yum “sorry just ordering my pork chops for dinner in bed that’s what happens when you’re rich !

Dear tooth fairy by Lacey and Lenna

March 26th, 2014

Thank you for writing to us. We all have different teeth because they do different jobs.

Our molars are at the back of our mouth. Incisors rip and tear the meat and some people have different teeth. Some animals have no teeth. Adults have 12 more teeth then children. See you soon.

sophies sprite adventure by Lewis

March 26th, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Sophie who lived at rose cottage with her cruel bad tempered aunt. Everyday, she escaped into her garden and played on her own.
Late one afternoon, she was at the bottom of the garden. Suddenly, she spotted a little creature hiding behind a blade of grass it was a little sprite called Toadshade. She told Toadshade all about her mean aunt but then Toadshade came up with a brilliant plan. It was to swap the sugar for the salt and put prickly concker shells in her aunts wellies. Sophie said “that’s a brilliant plan she whispered so she did as the plan said. After they had done the plan they ran outside and started to giggle. As quick as a flash, Toadshade dissapiered into a large tree. As Sophie ran inside she saw her aunt spitting out her tea ” yayayaya that’s salt not sugar how did that happen” said her aunt. “it could of been the sprite do not be so silly sprites aren’t real there just a fairytale Sophie said, ” no I saw a sprite called toadshade and he swapped the salt for the sugar and put concker shells in your wellies. I told you sprites aren’t real.”

How to do pond dipping by Lacey!!!!!!

March 26th, 2014

First, you need a jar or a fishing net.

Next, you get the jar or net and make an eight.

Then, get the jar or the net out of the pond.

After that, look inside the jar or net to see what you caught.

Now you know how to do pond dipping why not try it!!!

What’s better Turtles or Frogs? by Silvie part 1

March 26th, 2014

In our school, we have been discussing whether or not turtles are better than frogs. We all think differently. What do you think?

315 people in our school think turtles are better because they’re cute and friendly. Another reason is that they don’t hop on you they just stay in they’re shell. Many people believe that this is true but not everyone does.

My Trip to Slimbridge by Sophie

March 26th, 2014

One Thursday the 20th March we went to Slimbridge because year three have been learning about rivers and water.  At Slimbridge we saw swans, zebra ducks and flamingos. The flamingos were pink and some were white and pink. One swan was really stroppy and swam into the water and bit another swan’s bottom.

When we lined up we were put into groups of six then we went on a coach and there was no traffic so it didn’t take long to get there on the way we played eye spy together.

First, we put our pack lunches in a small lockers and got bird seed from the gift shop.  Next we went and fed the ducks and swans grace feed a duck by her hand and everybody also feed a duck by their hand. After that, we watched a man feed the otters and the otters were called Minnie, Haha and flow. Then it was lunch time.

After lunch we  did pond dipping and me and grace caught a fast runner and a small pond worm after pond dipping we went to wellie boot land. In wellie boot land we got very wet and had a year three picture on a climbing frame. when we got to school it was home time and we chanced are shoes and then we walked out side and went home and that was the end of our trip.

Trip to slimbridge by Ammaar

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday we went to a journey to Slimbridge and we had lots of fun.

First, we got on the coach and set of to Slimbridge
and it took very long to get there.When we arrived to slimbridge Miss Roberts took are pack lunches and put them in the cupboard.

Next,we went outside and fed the ducks.I was with Alex and Archie.

After that,when we finished feeding the ducks we had a lunch and my table were talking about creatures.

Finally, we went to see the otters and the otters name were Minnie,Flo and HaHa. The man who look after the otters told us some facts about the otters. They are good predictors,fast swimmers and can stay under water for five or six minutes.

When it was nearly end of the day we were pond dipping and  me and Alex found loads of worms.

Last but not least, we went to wellie boot land and I enjoyed  being  there!


Trip to slimbridge by Krish

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday,we went to Slimbridge and it was fun. We had to wear our wellies.

First,we got on the coach and set of to Slimbridge.It took one hour to get there. When we go there we put are lunch boxes away and got some bird seed and fed the birds.

Next,we went to the flamingo’s and I got a feather but I gave it to Lewis.Then we saw the otters and learned lots of new facts and we saw otters eating. Otters can live up to twelve years and they are good preditors. They can swim really fast in the water.people are hunting otters down in other countries.The otters names were Minnie,Flow and Haha .Otters can hold there breath for five or six minutes.

After that,we went pond dipping and some people told us about the creatures in the pond.We even got to try and catch something out of the pond but we had to work in partners and I worked with Lucas.

Finally,we got to go to wellie boot land and we got really wet and it was great.At the end we got to get a nice photo and then we all went back to school.

Trip to slimbridge by Sam

March 21st, 2014

On Thursday,we want to Slimbrige for the day.

First, we got on the coach it didn’t take long because the traffic was good.

Next,we went to places in groups we saw swans, frogs and flamingoes. A flamingos feathers are not really pink it is because they eat pink fish. Really  they are white.

After that, we ran to the otter talk. A man was throwing in fish heads.The otters names were Minnie,Lilly and Haha.

Finally, we went to wellie boot land.It was fun! Lewis
Got  soked.

Our day at Slimbridge

March 21st, 2014

Yesterday, we had a trip to Slimbridge. The coach journey was not too long because it was mostly on the motorway.We were very excited and looking forward to our visit.

On arrival,we put are lunches in brightly colored cupboards ready for lunch.Next, we were given some bird seed and we were feeding pigeons, swans and ducks.

After that we visited the otters and a man fed them I got lots of good photos it was great.

Then we had lunch before we went to the pond dipping which was intresting. We never knew there was so many different creatures in the water.

Finally, we went to the wellyboot land it was fun! we some of us got wetter then we expected.

Last but not lest we got on the coach and went back to school it was amazing and just in time for home time.

By Harry








March 20th, 2014

Thank you Year three for a wonderful day at Slimbridge. A specially thank you to all our parent helpers. Weren’t we lucky with the weather?

Homework this week:
Capture our trip in words.

You could write a recount, story, instructions, discussion or persuasion. Or perhaps research and write a report about an animal you saw at Slimbridge.
You may choose.

Have fun!
Miss Roberts

Year 3 Trip To Slimbridge.

March 20th, 2014

Toadshade visits again!

March 17th, 2014

The Best Delectable Meatballs by Charley-may

March 14th, 2014

Are you tired of eating the same food everyday? Do you think the food that you are eating is getting old? If so, eat these marvelous delectable meatballs. Here are some amazing stuff we learned about them…

First of all, you learn a lot of incredible cooking skills. There are two things. One is ” The Bridge” and the other is “The claw”. We had so much fun learning how to chop with the knife but it was a bit scary. Some of us burned our self’s but we kept on trying.

Additionally, we made some sauce which tasted delicious. It made us really, really hungry when it sizzled on the pan. It was really fun mixing it too.

Furthermore, we had to mix some ingredients. So fun! It smelt amazing. We had to mix all the ingredients together which was great. It was also quite easy.

As an added bonus, you get to sprinkle some cheese and anything you want on it. You can eat anything else with the meatballs. I tasted so good for us.

This is my highlight of the day. It is very easy and delicious.

Something Yummy For Your Tummy!! By Roheen!

March 14th, 2014

Are you feeling very hungry and there’s nothing for you to eat? If so, this is what you need to cook! MEATBALLS WITH SAUCE!!!!

Kitchen tools:

Chopping board, Small kitchen, Mixing bowl, Mug, Fork, Baking sheet or frying pan.

The Ingredients For Meatballs:
4 portions, 250g minced pork, 250g minced beef, ( Can substitute pre-cooked lentils ), 1 egg, 2 – 3 tbsp fresh breadcrumbs, 1 large white onion, 2 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley, 1 tsp cumin, salt and 1 pepper and flour for dusting!

What You Do:

1. First, assemble your ingredients.

2. Next, finely dice onion and garlic.

3. Now, to make the meatballs, mix the meat, egg, breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, parsley, cumin, salt and pepper.

4. After that, cook a small amount and taste for seasoning ; adjust if necessary.

5. Afterward, roll into small balls and dust with flour.

6. Now, to cook the meatballs you have two options, the frying pan or the oven. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the meatballs until they are browned all sides and just cooked through. Or you can bake them in the oven which is easier and less smokey. If you’d prefer to do it this way, then preheat the oven to 180 oC. Put the meatballs on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15min until pipping shot!

7. Then, transfer to a serving dish.

8. Finally, top with tomato sauce ( which i will show you after this step ), bechamel, or simply garnish with plenty of chopped parsley and a good slug of extra virgin olive oil. Serve with spaghetti or rice, or roast vegetables!

Do you have meatballs with nothing on them and you really want something delicious to put on them? If  so, follow this recipe and try to guess what it is!! It is a sauce!

Kitchen Tools:

Heavy based deep-sided frying pan or casserole, Knife , Chopping board, Wooden spoon.

The  Ingredients:

1 very finely diced medium red onion, 2 cloves minced garlic, 500g chopped tinned tomatoes or 1kg fresh ripe tomatoes chopped, 2 Tbl olive oil, 1 tsp oregano, 1 bay leaf, salt and black  pepper.

What You Do:

1. First, finely dice the red onion.

2. Next, mince garlic

3. After that, heat 2 Tbl of oil in a heavy based deep-sided frying pan or casserole over a low heat.

4. Now, wait foe the oil to heat through

5. Then, add the onion and cook gently, stirring now and then until soft but not brown.

6. Following, add the garlic, stir again and then add tomatoes, salt, pepper and herbs. Turn up the heat to a gentle simmer and then add a pinch of salt and a few twists of black pepper.

7. Finally, let it cook, bubbling gently for about 30 mins, stirring occasionally to stop it sticking. If it gets too thick , add a little water.

The finished sauce should be dark red, smooth and delicious. It can be used as a base to pizza or a spaghetti sauce as well as with meatballs!

Have you guessed what kind of sauce it was? Well duh it was tomato sauce!!!

Storage Tips :

  • Once cooked, cool as quickly as possible and then store in covered containers in a fridge.
  • To cool quickly, pour the sauce into a bowl and sit the bowl into a larger bowl of cold water and stir

Nutrition Notes:

The tomatoes, onions and garlic fit into the FRUIT AND VEGETABLE section of the eatwell plate. They provide vital nutrients, which help your body work properly!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED EATING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Delectable meatballs by Silvie

March 13th, 2014

Do you have a rumbling tummy and need some fantastic food ? If you have a rumbling tummy eat the marvellous
meatballs , tomato sauce and pasta that 3ar and the square food foundation made . Please , please, please read on.

The first reason , why you should buy and eat these Marevellous Meatballs is that they are only on sale for 20 hours and 1 minuite and 28 seconds so buy quickly before they’re cold and someone else has stuffed them in there tummy ,which is rumbling like thunder, so jusssssst buy it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! Another reason is that this meal is made with 100% fresh ingredients . Surprisingly , this scrumptious serving meal is only £4.20p and is cooked in Knowle Park Primary School whitch is in Bristol .The fourth reason is that we make this meal with one Proffesianal cook and two cooking teachers called Gretchen , Barny and Glyn . Finally , you could try making this at home even if your vegetarian or any other special eater . All you need to do is know what the square food foundation is If you don’t know then visit SquareFoodFoundation you can even get top tips on their website. Sorry I can’t talk to you right now because you’ve got to get buying just to let you know they’re delicious and delectable. Bye Bye

something yummy for your tummy!! by lacey!

March 13th, 2014

Are you feeling very hungry this is what you need to cook!! MEATBALLS!!! this is what you need to do

kitchen tools

chopping board

small kitchen knife

mixing bowl



baking sheet or frying pan



4 portions

250g minced beef

250g minced pork

1 egg

2-3tbsp fresh breadcrumbs

1 large white onion

2 garlic cloves

2 tsbp

chopped freshley parsley

1 tsp cumin

salt and pepper

flour for dusting


First, assemble your ingredients

Next, dice the onion and garlic

Then, to make the meatballs, mix the meat,egg, breadcrumbs, onion,garlic, parsley, cumin and salt and pepper

Afterthat, cook a small amount and taste for seasoning

Then roll into small balls and dust with flour

Square Food Foundation Visit Knowle Park.

March 13th, 2014

Today was the most brilliant morning. We cooked perfect meatballs with the Square Food Foundation. They are based at the park and are working with us to cook and understand all about food. Today, Barney, Gretchen and Glynn cooked meatballs with us.

First, we learnt how to cut safely using two techniques: the claw and the tunnel. After that, we chopped an onion and garlic, prepared the bread and mixed altogether. Next, we added cumin, seasoning and an egg to bind it altogether. We added meat and got to roll our own meatballs.

We then cooked the meatballs in a pan until they were brown and crispy. It was fun using the cooker ourselves.

To finish of the session we got to eat our meatballs served with a tomato sauce.

Gabriel says “It was helpful being shown how to cook and use everything in your kitchen.”
Samuel says, “I didn’t like today I LOVED it!”
Harry says, “10/10. Delicious.”

We all had an excellent day and can’t wait to cook again in class and with the Square Food Foundation on the 26th of March.

CHALLENGE: can you make it at home and post a picture?

Out of order part1 by Silvie

March 12th, 2014

Once upon a time , there was a little girl called Penelope who was on a camping trip in Devon. Although , she was camping she was actually in a caravan ! One rainy morning, Penellope  smelt sizzling sausages on the camp burner and she licked her light pink lips with her dark red tounge . She slowly strolled to the comfy sofa and carefully picked up a blue china bowl with a coconut tree on it for her sausages ! She thought and thought what she was going to do and decided to go swimming and then explore the arcade . Penellope decided to wear her Daisy dog swimming costume ,Daisy dog goggles and her Daisy dog armbands. All the time she went swimming she used her Daisy dog towel . So that’s what she did.

Sophie’s next adventure by Krish

March 7th, 2014

One week later Sophie was in the garden eating strawberries. Suddenly she heard a big hussle and russle behind a gigantic bush. Sophie crept over a bit and she heard a fluttering sound behind the bush. She went a bit closer. amazingly she saw a tiny little fairy sitting on the petal of a colourful flower. She had pink little shoes and a cute happy smile.

First Sophie gently picked her up and carefully went back in the house. When they got into Sophie’s room she showed her magical mirror. Little fairy was amazed to see herself in it. Sophie showed her lots of different things from her beautiful wardrobe. Little cure fairy  gave Sophie a golden magical wand. Sophie was so happy to receive it. Little fairy said she can do three magical things with that wand for any good cause. After that they went outside in the garden and the little fairy vanished into a gigantic bush again.

the end.

Sophie’s sprite adventure continues in her dreams By Grace

March 5th, 2014

After a while Sophie fell asleep and started to dream. A few minutes later Sophie met Toashade and his friends sitting on a bluebell in Sophie’s garden.

The first thing they did was made up a plan of what they were going to do…

They decided to find some Newts to put in aunts porridge, worms to put in her bed and finally mud to put in her shampoo! This would make aunt very angry.

Skipping with Dan.

March 4th, 2014

We learnt lots of new skipping tricks today.

Sophie’s new adventure by Silvie.

March 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sophie who had friend called
Toadshade ! Toadshade was a sprite ! Sophie ran to a big tree where Toadshade always appeared. Toadshade wanted to know what Sophie had planed for them to do
. Sophie told Toadshade how much she loved playing tricks but she always felt sorry . Toadshade felt the same way as Sophie . Sophie had a plan . ” Maybe we should play some tricks on lots of people and set up a doctors and you could dance ” said Sophie as she thought about the reasons why they shouldn’t do it . Toadshade thought aswell and said ” Maybe we should only play tricks on your aunt and your next door neighbour . ” So Toadshade flew back home and got Toga Yoga , Arty Hearty and Cherry Berry whilst Sophie threw
water bombs over the fence and pies aswell as that Sophie put lots of Hedgehogs on her Aunties bed. Soon Toadshade and her friends and Sophie were making a doctors and checking people . After a couple of days Toadshade and her friends waved goodbye and disappeared into a huge tree . When Sophie walked in her aunt was booking a doctors appointment . Sophie grabbed a slice of pizza , hurried to bed and made a plan of what she , Toadshade and Toadshade ‘ s friends were going to do next . The end.

sophie sprite adventure part 2 by charlie luton

March 3rd, 2014

The next day Sophie was skipping until she spotted another creature. It was hiding behind a rock which had been destroyed by her mean, cruel Aunt. First she asked him ‘What is your name?’ ‘My name is TomV’ he answered. So she picked him up and slipped him into her pocket. After that, they decided to play a trick on her Aunt. They decided to swap the toothpaste for the mustard! Sophie and TomV crept into the kitchen and got the tube of mustard and then slipped upstairs to the bathroom. They swapped the toothpaste for the mustard.
Later that night Sophie heard a scream from the bathroom. Her Aunt had brushed her teeth!
Sophie and TomV giggled.

Sophie’s sprite Adventure by Archie Charlie and Paige

March 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time there lived a small girl called Sophie who lived in Rose cottage with her cruel bad temperd aunt.Everyday she would escapes to the garden and play by her self.

late one afternoon, sophie was at the bottom of the garden and spotted a  mascheiviuos little sprite called taodshade who was coverd  in  an armer of an insect.


Sophie’s next adventure by hollie and lacey

March 3rd, 2014

The next day Sophie woke up still smiling thinking of Toadshade. She got up,ran out side into the garden  and played skipping and hop scotch. Sophie and Toadshade then went and played more tricks on Sophie’s aunt. The first trick they played was that they swapped the juice for the milk, when Sophie’s aunt took a sip she spat it on the floor. Next they put pins on he aunt’s  chair. When she sat down she screamed and jumped back up shouting “you wait until I get you, rascal”. After a long day playing in the garden and playing tricks on her aunt , Sophie went to bed dreaming of the adventures that she would have tomorrow .
Put the story back in my sack

Sophie s next advture by lenna .

March 3rd, 2014

The very next day sophie and toadshade met back up and paid more tricks on auntie. The very first trick they came up with was to put coffee in the gravey! The next trick they made up was to put prickly stinging nettels in aunties boots . The final thing they thought of was to put pins in the sofa so auntie would sit on them and prick her bottom!!!.Hopefully auntie would cheer up and stop being so cruel and bad tempered but their plan didn’t work it only made auntie more cross and she sent Sophie to bed with no tea that night. HOW CRUEL WAS THAT .

Sophie Sprit adventure. By Daniel Holt

March 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Sophie. Sophie was anice girl who lived in rose cottage with her bad tempered Aunt. Everyday she would escape into the garden and play with Toadshade. They would play tricks, like putting eggs and water in her auntie’s wellies and put water and leaves in her coat pocket.

Toadshade would wave goodbye, and disappear into large tree. Sophie went inside the house just as her Aunt discovered the water and eggs in her coat.
“How did that happen?” she cried.
“It was my friend Toadshade!”
“Really I don’t believe you!”

tingie wingle shoo my story is through.

Star Wars series 3 revenge of the sith by Lewis

March 3rd, 2014

Once before planets were named, there lived two Jedi knights called anakin skywallker and obi wan kenobi who lived in the gallexy the Star Wars next to the Death Star.

. one gun shooting morning, they were training in there Jedi star fighters when ten buzz droids flew onto obi wan’s star fighter and blew r4_d4’s head off suddenly, they landed in general grievous ‘s  super star destroyer .first, they landed in general grievous’s ship.Next, there were millions of battle droids so anakin and obi wan used the force to get out there lightsaber and started  battling with the battle droids And r2-d2 located chancellor palpatine  so they could find him. general grievious had threw an electric spear at a window.

All three of them arrived home safely mace windu said ” chancellor pallpatine are you alright ” chancellor pallpatine Said ” yes thanks to two Jedi knights they killed count dooko but general grievious has escaped”.meanwhile obi wan was trying to defeat grievious so he would have never existed.

Anakin had been turned evil so him and obi wan battled until they were on flying things on the lava contamication and Anakin said” you under estimate my power” obi wan said” don’t try it don’t try it Anakin hhhhyyyyyaaaaaa then obi wan chopes Anakins two legs off Anakin said” I hate you obi wan and anakins whole body set on fire and obi wan grabed his and anakins lightsaber and walked off meanwhile yoda and pallpatine were battling and yoda fell from miles from the sky to ground.
when they got home padm’e had double babys called luke and leia but bad news padm’e died and Anakin was transformed into a sith lord called darth vader.

Bella’s adventure by lacey

March 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a small girl called Bella who lived in a sparkly magic house on top of a big hill with her mean bad tempered mum. Everyday she escaped into a magical garden and played on her own.

Late one afternoon, Bella was at the bottom of the magical garden. Suddenly, her eye caught a little creature hiding behind a blade of long grass. It was a mischevious, little fairy called Keri who had clothes with lots of petals on. She had pink, sparkly wings and a big smile.
First, she picked Keri up and put Keri in her hand. Next,they crept into the kitchen and swapped the juice for the milk. After that, they put pins on her mum’s chair! Finally, they ran back in the magical garden and started to laugh. Keri waved goodbye and dissapeared into an enormous tree.

Bella walked into the kitchen just as her mum was spitting out her drink, “Ah!that’s milk not juice, how did that happen?”
“It was probably the fairy.” Bella replied . Her mum screamed, ” Don’t be so silly! Everyone knows there are no such things as fairy’s. Now go to your room!”
That night Bella lay in bed and smiled to herself. She knew she had found a friend at last.
Twinkle, tingle, shoo my story is through!

Sophie`s sprite Adventure

February 27th, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a small girl called Sophie who lived in rose cottage with her cruel, bad tepered aunt. Everyday she escaped to the garden and played on her own. Late one afternoon, Sophie was at the bottom of the garden. Suddenly, she spotted a small creature hiding behind a blade of grass. It was a mischievous, little sprite called Toadshade who was covered in the armour of an insect. He had pink, petal wings and a cheeky smile. First, she picked him up and slipped him in her pocket. Next, they crept into the kitchen and swapped the sugar for the salt.After that, they put prickly conker sheells in auntie`s wellies! Finally, they ran b ack into the garden and started to giggle. Toadshade waved goodbye and disappeared into an enormous tree. Sophie walked into the kitchen just as her aunt was spitting out her tea, “Ah! That`s salt not sugar, how did that happen?”
“It was probably the sprites.” Sophie replied. Her aunt scowled, “Dont be so silly! Everyone knows there are no such things as sprites. Now go to bed!”
That night, Sophie lay in bed and smiled to herself. She knew she had found a friend at last.
Twinkle, tingle, shoo my story is through!

By Lacey

Book Week So Far

February 26th, 2014

River Nile by Silvie

February 24th, 2014

River Nile is in Egypt .Now I am going to tell you where rain goes when it hits the hills or mountains .It starts raining and the rain goes onto a hill or a mountain and the rain slides into a river .The river can twist and turn and crash and bash until it gets to a sea or an ocean .That story can be used for what a river does.Now I’ll tell you about the river Nile .

River Nile

The river Nile is about 6,670 km in length and is the longest river in the world !!! Although it is generally associated with Egypt only 22% of the Nile ‘s course runs through Egypt !!! In Egypt ,the river Nile creates a fertile green valley across the dessert.It  was by the banks of the river that one of the oldest civilisations in the world began . The ancient Egyptians lived and farmed along the Nile,using the soil to produce food for themselves and their animals.

Quick facts

Continent Africa

Countries it flows through : Uganda, Ethiopia ,Sudan ,Burundi and Egypt

Tributaries 2

Source Burundi central Africa

Mouth Egypt into the Mediterranean sea. 

The area close to the river  was known as the Black land. Further away was a place called the Red land.Now I’m going to tell you a poem .


Bashing ,

Mushing and


The river went into the sea.

Did you know ?

Seas and oceans cover up a third of the world .

I wonder how much rivers cover the world ?

The Amazon River by Ammaar

February 24th, 2014

A natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea,a lake,or another river.”The river Danube.”

A river near its source,consits of trickles water between moss covers boulders.These trickles join to form a small stream.As the stream widens further for its source it can be inhabited by small animals.Salmon and sea trout may well lay their eggs in these headwaters.Highland birds like peregrine falcons and dippers can be found nearby.

The Amazon River in South America is generally regarded as the second longest river in the world and is by far the largest by waterflow with an average discharge of about 209,000 cubic meters per second.

All rivers start at the highest point in an area. As the river flows downstream, it gains more water from other streams, rivers, springs, added rainfall, and other water.

Tributaries are sometimes listed starting with those nearest to the source of the river and ending with those to those nearest to the mouth of the river. The Strahler Stream Order examines the arrangement of tributaries in a hierarchy of first, second, third, and higher orders, with the first order tributary being typically the least in size. For example, a second order tributary would be the result of two or more first order tributaries combining to form the second order tributary.

Princess rose ‘s big adventure part 2 by Silvie

February 24th, 2014

Knock ! Knock ! The door said ! So Rose decided to creep downstairs
! She creeeeeeeeaaaaked the door open ! ” Hello there I’m resident of king
Harrod ” the resident told her as he blowed his nose in his posh tissues .
“Aaah did my father call you to come and get me ?” asked Rose. But princess
Rose heard a wobble on the staircase ! It must have been the witch to come
and collect her. Hurry thought Rose as she wanted to play with her younger sister
Princess Missy Mongloo ,who would soon be the first princess,and Rose was in her rights to look after her in order to find Missy a prince and find herself
a king in only 22 days! So Rose and the resident scurried and hurried down the alleyway that led them away .Soon she was safely in a cab on the way home . Rose was surprised to see a magical frog,which turned a frog into a prince for Missy
Mongloo ,and a king for Rose . But there was something else that made Rose have
a little think . She thought about the evil charms because there was a fairy who magiced up a pack of lucky charms for Missy Mongloo and for Rose. But who knows those lucky charms could lead Rose and Missy Mongloo to another magic , mysterious and magnificent adventure . See you again in fairy tale land .The end.

How to be safe online by Mitusha

February 24th, 2014

Are you worried because you’re not safe online.Then you must listen to these instruction.Also,you can know everything about being safe online!

Make sure you keep your personal detail to yourself and your family likewise if you’re playing a game with someone make sure that someone is somebody that you know or someone who is your friend also if you go to Facebook make sure your file is private so no one could track you!(oh no!)(safety tip make sure you go to Facebook only when you are 16 or over) If you don’t listen to this safety tip then you might get into trouble!

If you did listen to these special instructions then you are a super-safe-onliner!
Also you don’t have to worry.(yay)

The rivers Journey by Mitusha

February 16th, 2014

Swiftly and slowly,
I slide down mountains to the start of my destination the source.
Tributaries join me they are small rivers that join on.
No rocks just a bendy meander.
I come to a waterfall that led me DOWN!
It had felt like I had fallen down a CLIFF!
While I was falling I heard noises like CRASH!,BANG!,SPLASH!
I have come to a marshy island that is good and great for growing crops.
Soon I have arrived at my destination which is the

Should children wear school uniform?

February 13th, 2014

In our class we have been disscusing wether or not children should wear school uniform. I  think children should wear school uniform so that they cant get bullied for not having the latest trends. Also it helps to save your best clothes and stops them from getting ruined.

What do you think???

Daisy&the dragon paragraph 1,2 and 3 by charley-may and harry

February 13th, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a  girl called Daisy who lived at the end of a long,wide road.One day she took a long stroll along the road to go in the super-market to get some dinosor crips!( But she did not eat them that night.)

Early the next morning,she opened the paket of crips because she felt hungry, (rumbl- e) Sudenly,she could hear a ruseling noise from the packet . . . !

When the evening came,she noteced there was ONE crisp on the floor so when Daisy picked it up it started to jump like a rabbit! Then the crisp got bigger in size.The next thing it did, was popped out the potatoe then he stamped his feet and the ground shook so did my hands …


Princess rose ‘s big adventure part one by Silvie .

February 11th, 2014

there once was a princess called Rose . One summers evening she. Went for a ride on her pony. The sunset more quickly than she thought it would and soon found herself lost in the forest. Suddenly she saw a cottage up ahead .Its roof was thatched with straw  and it’s windows glowed red. The door creeeeaked open and a high pitched voice told her to come in.Princess Rose couldn’t resist she jumped of her pony and tiptoed into the hallway where she saw an evil,ancient and wicked witch,who had a magic position guide in her hand,and her gloomy werewolf behind her howling in the icy,frosty .The cruel,enchanted witch was silent for a few minutes as she let her evil charms sense princess Rose.Princess Rose saw her eerie glow she was terrified but this was the only cottage in the whole forest kingdom .Meanwhile her family were on the edge of craziness and sent there people to go to search for her.Back at the forest the witch whispered croackly ” Come into my home it must be scary in the woods with just you and the dazzling moonlight wa ha ha ha” .Princess Rose thought she really was doomed .But … The witch bought her some animal eyeball cake .Now she wandered was she doomed? She was getting quite bored without her crazy family charching all over the place.So she decided to see what the red glowing windows was . She found it out and learned lots of inportant info .It was that the wicked witch had an evil plan up and running.So she decided to look for an exit.She couldn’t  find one she was too frightend because of the shadowy rooms….To be continued.BY SILVIENEWMAN

KilI and the Dragon fight for the ring part II

February 10th, 2014

One late sunny afternoon, Kili was watching TV when the screen went blank. A news reporter went on the screen. “Sorry for interrupting all shows,” she said. “The royal family has died. Huge scratch marks were found on the palace. Two guards were petrified. They haven’t moved since. Some people belief the culprit was a dragon from ancient legends. Something happened like this before.”

batman meet robin by charlie It

February 9th, 2014

one day batman and batwome  went on a run  and they saw a shadow  out of the  window and followed it . It stop at a red and  yellow r  picture on the wall.they went in  the door . Suddeny  a boy shouted “stop right there”. They saw  a boy stading  still batman  said “who are you”.robin.


Should Children Be Allowed To Play Online Games? Roheen

February 9th, 2014

This week we have been discussing weather or not children should be allowed to play online game.

The vast majority of people believe, children should play online games.Firstly, online games are very fun to play.Fun is our life so why cant we have some fun and enjoy our self. Furthermore, we can chat on online games and chatting is very fun.Chatting can be the funnest thing to do with our friends! Additionally, we can make our own funny, silly, cool and mysterious names! Making names are  also fun but sometimes can be a bit rude and silly 😮 “Oh” said a gamer !

Contrary to this, the minority believe we shouldn’t play online games. Firstly, while your playing someone might hack you. Hackers can be or are very dangerous . Also, chatting can be dangerous as well. Like if a gamer or unknown person asked you where do u live? or where is your school? will u answer that if u do the gamer/unknown person might come into your house and kidnap you! Moreover,  if you play too much your eyes might hurt and    u might forget to do your homework! Homework is important it depends on your school like my school if we don’t bring it in we got to go in the behavior room!

Having considered both of the arguments, I have come to my conclusion.

My life by charley-may friend 3ar

February 6th, 2014

Every morning, I wake up late and I get dressed,have my breakfast and brush my teeth.5 minets later we arive at the school I line up and my teacher takes us in! i put my bag on my peg and go in my class and read Diary of a wimpy kid.Afterthat, we go to phonics.Then, we do litercy for half an hour.Then, we go to assembly where we learn diffrent things then we all go back to class and do maths and learn all sorts of stuff today on 06.02.2014. we learnt colom subtraction.We all go into lunch then after go out side to play and my favrote thing is football which is funny because I am a girl!!!!!!!!

DO ANY OF YOU LIKE SCHOOL ????????????????

Should goldilocks be jailed .

February 6th, 2014

Sine the brake in last week we have been discussing weather or not goldilocks should be put in prison .

Many people believe that Goldilocks should be jailed for braking there property’s and eating there food. Firstly, you should never brake into someone else’s house without permission .Futhermore, she stole baby bears porridge and broke little bears little stripy chair.

On the other hand , some people believe that she broke In to the house because She was very hungry and on the edge of starvation! Additionally, she was very tired from running away from the big bad wolf who was trying to eat her .

On this occasion I believe that Although goldilocks entered the bees home without permission and broke some items she didn’t mean to cause any harm. Goldilocks was in a bad situation and that was the only reason she acted as she did. Goldilocks should be free to live her young life but MUST apologize to the three bears and pay for any damages.

Should children have homework? by leve and Luca part 1

February 6th, 2014

In terrific tiger class we have been discussing whether or not children should have homework.

On one side of the argument most people believe that children shouldn’t get homework. The first reason is that homework is always boring and no one should get anything like that! Homework is also known for turning lots of people into geeks and nerds. Additionally for some people the homework is too hard and they can get in trouble if they can’t complete it.

On the other hand some people believe that homework should be set to help children learn more. It is good to practice your work at home after school. Also, you will get a better Jon and make your mum proud if you get good results in school.

In conclusion I agree we should get homework. I believe the homework should not be too long or too hard for the children but they should have it to practice work at home. It is good preparation for secondary school.

What do you think?

Keiran Ratcliffe

February 6th, 2014

Should Dragons be pets?

In our class we have been discussing whether or not Dragons should be pets because it might be the perfect pet for you.

Most people believe that Dragons shouldn’t be pets because of their long flames.Firstly, they could burn everything and if the things you love are in there it will be gone forever.Furthermore, they could fly out of the window but if you want one you will have to close your windows. Additionally, they could grow and grow and grow then they won’t even fit in the house because everything grows.

On the other hand, some people believe a Dragon should be a pet.In addition, many pupils believe a Dragon is easily trained because of its brains and cleverness.
Lick wise, when he gets bigger you can ride him and sour through the sky because I will say it again everything grows.More over, when you hug the Dragon it will be nice and worm because of its hot fire and then you will stay cosy forever

Having considered all of the argument I have come to my conclusion.While I can understand that souring through the sky and keeping warm is morally write and easily trained Dragons.Dragons are cute but they should punished.I fined my self agreed that Dragons could burn everything.furthermore,they can keep on growing.
Therefore, in this case I believe Dragons shouldn’t be pets because of there fire.